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Who Is Mr. Loftus?

Early History
Born, 1968 in Vermont and raised in Lincoln, a small town of 1,200 people (2004). The first five years of my life were on a farm in a very, very rural town. The number of cows on our farm probably numbered more than the people of the town. Mt. Abraham, VermontLincoln sat on the banks of the New Haven river, normally a nice babbling brook (but occasionally it could flood its banks). Lincoln also sat at the foot of Mt. Abraham, a majestic peak that still inspires me.

I have fond memories of my grand-parents’ summer house up the hill from our farm, snow angels, playing in the leaves that fell every autumn, going to kindergarten in the town library and first- and second-grade in a two-room school house. I remember travelling by school bus 10-miles up the road to Bristol to take part in the learn-to-swim program at school and fitting our entire kindergarten class into a VW Beetle to take a field trip to an apple orchard & farm.

I have memories of tapping maple trees in the winter and enjoying maple syrup on snow. I have memories of burning farmer’s fields for the next crop, carrying a little tank of water on my back to douse small flames.

In 1974, I moved to Rochester, New York, where I would spend the rest of my formative years, not leaving until the age of 25.

Academic History
I attended several elementary schools in Vermont and New York. Even in high school, I didn’t quite settle down. I did attend Sperry Sr. High School (now known as Rush-Henrietta Sr. High) all four years in spite of living in several different locations. After graduating, I attended the University of Rochester for two years, playing football for the Yellowjackets and trying to stay out of trouble.

Not knowing exactly where I wanted my life to go and after squandering an excellent opportunity at the UofR, I withdrew from school and worked for the next three years. Soon after marrying, I enrolled in the Physical Education/Physical Studies program at Monroe Community College. After two years of study, I was short 3 credits to receive my Associate’s degree. I decided to transfer to a four-year school and forego the A.S.

In September of 1993, I moved my wife and (now) two children to Syracuse, New York where I enrolled in the physical education program at Syracuse University. I enrolled in the Honors Program at Syracuse and began working on my required thesis: Experiential Education in the Physical Education Classroom. Again, time intervened and prevented me from completing this requirement. I was scheduled to graduate and was short one class for honors. I chose to graduate instead.

Currently, I am enrolled at Concordia University in their Master’s in Coaching & Athletic Administration program. I am taking my time and will eventually finish.

Professional History
Prior to graduating with my 4-year degree from Syracuse, I worked in fitness-related fields, attempting to gain experience. Among these positions were:

  • weight-room trainer,
  • personal trainer,
  • youth sports coach,
  • interscholastic sports coach,
  • aquatics director,
  • swim-lesson instructor,
  • bicycle-team coach & trainer.

After receiving my B.S. degree, I worked as the Marketing and Membership Director for the Downtown Syracuse YMCA. I had been working part-time at the Y as the Aquatics Director and an occasional fitness trainer and following my degree, this seemed a natural continuation.

However, sales and collections didn’t agree with me so I left and began working as a substitute teacher for several school districts throughout central New York. I eventually found permanent work with Champlain Valley Educational Services in Plattsburgh, New York. I was stationed at an office in Watertown, about 3 hours away by car (or plane for that matter!). My job was to provide resources for schools to build the comprehensive health and wellness of the student body. This was the development of the whole person: something I had highly valued in college. What an opportunity! I stayed with CVES for six years.

However, as I continued to look for my niche, I left New York to pursue my masters degree. Currently I am living in Los Angeles, California and teaching physical education to 6th-, 7th-, and 8th-grade students at a local middle school. I am loving every minute of it.

Family History
My wife and I married in March of 1989. We soon had children. Currently, I have five: four boys and one girl. My oldest is currently taking college courses at the local community college. My daughter is taking a break from school and looking into starting her own business. My youngest is pushing his older brothers academically.

Our latest family adventure was a 4-day trip to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. We loved it! Before that, we took a short week-end trip to Sequoia National Park. Awe inspiring!

Our trip across America (from New York to California) was done over 10 days. We stopped and visited several important sites that we highly recommend to any and all:

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